Workflow Case:
Capital Appropriation Request


Capital Appropriation Request processes are critical business functions for many worldwide enterprises. However, they are often poorly managed due to inefficient processes where visibility is limited due to e-mail routing, turn-around time is excessively high, and error-rates are bordering on unacceptable because of lack of information validation capabilities in paper-based forms. All these issues can lead to serious inaccuracies in forecasted spend measurement activities, and also can result in numerous project delays.

Workflow Enabled Capital Appropriation Request

The Capital Appropriation Request is initiated by an employee, submitting a pre-defined Web-based form, which is transferred in XML into the EZ-Workflow engine to initiate the routing process. In case additional (electronic or scanned) documents need to accompany the Request, unlimited documents can be attached to the Request, traveling along with the instance and available from any browser of an authorized user.

Based on the specific characteristics of the Appropriation Request, EZ-Workflow knows, based on the role and responsibilities definitions which persons in which sequence need to evaluate and sign the Request, before it can be released to the department or person in charge of the execution of the Request.

Benefits of using EZ-Workflow for this process are: